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Introducing Peter Leshaw: the digital marketing Jedi who’s joined forces with a league of extraordinary brainiacs, rebels, riddle-crackers, knowledge-hungry enthusiasts, and mad scientists, all on a mission to turbocharge business growth for the Fortune 5000 and e-commerce dynamos.

Peter, the Sultan of Cyberspace Strategy, is a former head honcho of the South Florida Interactive Marketing Association and a seasoned yakker at all the swankiest marketing galas. For over a decade, he’s been hailed for his noggin full of strategy, razor-sharp perception, and an unquenchable thirst for helping folks navigate the wild, wild web of Internet marketing.

When queried about his undying passion, Peter unabashedly spills the beans: he’s head over heels for helping others reach for the stars, and he’s downright giddy that, unlike those archaic advertising methods, Internet marketing lets you track, tweak, and level up your game like a boss.

Peter’s packing some serious academic cred, too: he’s got a Master’s Degree in Information Technology from American International University and a Bachelor’s in Political Science from Florida Atlantic University. That’s right, folks – he’s got both brains and brawn when it comes to the digital marketing arena!

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