Resources for Learning NLP

Here’s a table of resources to help you deepen your understanding of NLP and its applications in digital marketing:

Resource TypeTitle/DescriptionAuthor/PlatformURL
Book“Speech and Language Processing”Daniel Jurafsky and James H. MartinAmazon
Book“Natural Language Processing with Python”Steven Bird, Ewan Klein, Edward LoperAmazon
Book“Deep Learning for Natural Language Processing”Palash Goyal, Sumit Pandey, Karan JainAmazon
Online Course“Natural Language Processing”Coursera (Stanford University)Coursera
Online Course“Introduction to Natural Language Processing”UdacityUdacity
Online Course“Applied Text Mining in Python”Coursera (University of Michigan)Coursera
Tutorial“NLP for Digital Marketing”Towards Data ScienceArticle
Python Library Documentation“NLTK (Natural Language Toolkit)”NLTKDocumentation
Python Library Documentation“spaCy”spaCyDocumentation
Python Library Documentation“Gensim”GensimDocumentation
Python Library Documentation“Transformers (by Hugging Face)”Hugging FaceDocumentation
Python Library Documentation“TextBlob”TextBlobDocumentation
Online Course“Digital Marketing Specialization”Coursera (University of Illinois)Coursera

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