Maximizing AI-Driven Digital Marketing with 6 New ChatGPT Features.

6 New ChatGPT Features Include Prompt Examples & File Uploads

ChatGPT, the leading natural language processing platform, has released six new features that are designed to make it easier for developers to create conversational experiences. The new features include prompt examples, file uploads, and more. Here is a look at what these features can do for developers.

Prompt Examples

The new prompt examples feature allows developers to quickly create prompts for their conversational experiences. It provides a library of pre-defined prompts that developers can use to quickly create their own prompts. This feature also allows developers to customize the prompts to their own needs.

File Uploads

The new file uploads feature allows developers to quickly upload files to their conversational experiences. This feature makes it easier for developers to quickly upload files, such as images, audio, and video, to their conversational experiences.

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Source: 6 New ChatGPT Features Include Prompt Examples & File Uploads  Search Engine Journal

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