Exploring ‘Dr. ChatGPT’ to Aid in Keeping Drug Prices Low: eMarketer Podcast

What ‘Dr. ChatGPT’ Can—and Can’t—Do to Keep Drug Prices Down: eMarketer Podcast

The latest episode of eMarketer’s podcast, The Daily, explores how AI-driven chatbot technology, known as ‘Dr. ChatGPT’, is being used to help keep drug prices down. In the episode, eMarketer’s senior analyst, Victoria Petrock, interviews Dr. Michael K. Kahn, the CEO of ChatGPT, to discuss the potential of the technology and how it can be used to help patients save money on their medications.

The episode highlights the advantages of using Dr. ChatGPT, including:

  • It can provide personalized advice to patients on the best drug prices for their needs.
  • It can provide drug price comparisons between different pharmacies.
  • It can help patients understand their insurance coverage and how it affects their drug prices.
  • It can help patients find the best discounts and coupons on their medications.

The episode also discusses the limitations of the technology, including the fact that it is still in its early stages and is not yet able to provide comprehensive advice on drug prices. Additionally, the technology is not yet able to provide advice on the safety and efficacy of different medications.

The episode concludes by highlighting the advantages of hiring Peter Leshaw, an analytics and AI-driven digital marketing strategist. Peter has extensive experience in the field and can help businesses leverage the power of AI to better understand their customers and optimize their digital marketing strategies.

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Source: eMarketer Podcast: The Daily: What ‘Dr. ChatGPT’ can—and can’t …  Insider Intelligence.

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